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  • My Package
    My Package
    Create your own package
    From 500€
  • Birthday Celebration in Maiden´s Tower
    Birthday Celebration in Maiden´s Tower
    LaBiance Tour & Style
    From 3225€
  • Marry Me
    Marry Me
    LaBiance Wedding & Style
    From 3520€
  • Wedding Dream
    Wedding Dream
    LaBiance Wedding & Style
    From 5250€
  • Photo Session Exclusive
    Photo Session Exclusive
    LaBiance Style
    From 1750€
  • Honeymoon
    LaBiance Wedding & Style
    From 4380€
  • My Wedding
    My Wedding
    LaBiance Wedding
    From 2850€
  • Bachelorette Party
    Bachelorette Party
    LaBiance Tour
    From 2125€
  • Wedding in the Sky
    Wedding in the Sky
    LaBiance Wedding & Style
    From 7800€
  • Photo Session «Save the Moment»
    Photo Session «Save the Moment»
    LaBiance Tour & Style
    From 2250€
  • Star Wedding
    Star Wedding
    LaBiance Wedding & Style
    From 16.250€
  • Best Employee
    Best Employee
    LaBiance Tour
    From 2180€
  • Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday
    LaBiance Tour & Style
    From 2410€
  • Bachelor Party
    Bachelor Party
    LaBiance Tour
    From 2125€
  • KatpaTuka
    LaBiance Tour & Style
    From XXX€
  • St Valentine´s Day
    St Valentine´s Day
    LaBiance Tour & Style
    From 3535€
  • New Year´s Eve in Istanbul
    New Year´s Eve in Istanbul
    LaBiance Tour & Style
    From 1250€