Food and Beverage

There is no doubt that Turkish cuisine is one of the richest and most delicious cuisines in the world. However it is worth to emphasize that “all inclusive” concept is usually not present in the hotels of Cappadocia region or in yacht tourism. Therefore, except for breakfasts, food and beverage services are not included in the packages of LaBiance as a standard service, unless specified otherwise. Meanwhile, we always make recommendations to our customers according to their taste. In this region, a lunch/dinner for one may cost 25 Euro up to 2.000 Euro depending on the chosen menu and alcoholic beverages. However, we can provide lunch and/or dinner as concordant with the concept in most of our packages.


In our yacht packages, food and beverage services are determined according to the type of the yacht, the duration of the event and the wishes of the customers. Private cook and server/s can be supplied according to the chosen yacht and the type of the package for the duration of the yacht event.