Dervish Ceremony

Dervish ceremony is performed as a dedication to Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi (1207 - 1273) and represents Anatolian Turkish-Islamic cultural and philosophical tradition. It symbolizes the different meanings of a mystic cycle to perfection (Ascension - Mirac). From philosophical view of point, it means a mystical journey of man´s spiritual ascent through love, finding the truth and arriving to the “perfect”. Then he returns this spiritual journey as a man who reached maturity and a greater perfection, so as to love and to be of service to the whole creation, to all creatures without discriminating in regard to belief, class, or race.


The ceremony is held at night and lasts for approximately 30 minutes. All our foreign visitors find the ceremony quite interesting and captivating. You can reach the introductory video of this ceremony here: