• Anna FILINA - Cosmetologist
    Anna FILINA - Cosmetologist


    Cappadocia with its so-called "Martian landscape" always seemed to me like some kind of a dream. For many millennia, Water and wind have carved wonderful orifices, pillars, towers and a pyramids from volcanic tuff. And all this is very unusual.


    When my friends invited me to celebrate my birthday in this fantastic place, I had no doubt for a minute. @labiance_event took over the entire organization. And they did it with truly Turkish hospitality! There was everything: Turkish breakfasts, a walk to the underground city, a pottery workshop, a tasting of a wine and wonderful photography against the back of rising hot air balloons.


    For me, the human factor is very important, and here I found not just organizers, but new friends. Friends who are trying to plan a holiday, who are generous and kind. This is probably my most important birthday present. Thanks LaBiance:)”

  • Elena PLESHKOVA - Bride
    Elena PLESHKOVA - Bride
  • Anfisa CHEKHOVA - Russian TV host and actress
    Anfisa CHEKHOVA - Russian TV host and actress